Playstore For PC: Download Google Playstore For Windows

Playstore For PC: Nowadays everyone is using the play store for PC. The importance of the Google Play Store for PC apps has taken hold of the device. We all know about the Play Store. The android market has become largest market now. Play store is not only for android it is for Windows PC also. Here is an article Google play store for PC. we will let you learn how to use the google play store PC with below steps.

The google play store for pc is comprised of 2 millions of applications and it has downloaded by the 70 billions of users. It has categories of apps, music, movies, records, books, and magazines. By using a lot of apps on your device it as your screen health. For safe we can use this play store on PC to work comfort. We like to play the games on large screen now by the PC we can fulfill our dream.

Google Play Store Download for PC:

We can’t install Android Apk file directly to your PC. As we know that the PC is recognized only the .exe files. So that we use the emulator to do the task the best emulator is BlueStack. The Android emulator helps us to run the Android OS on PC. The BlueStack helps to use the Android emulator on your PC, tablet, laptops. For this first download the BlueStack Android Emulator on your play store PC. To download visit the official site od Bluestack and start to download the BlueStack 2.0 is the latest version of the BlueStack.

There 2 version of BlueStack but both are same. The latest version has advanced features.

How to install Google Play Store For PC:

After you finish the downloading process of a BlueStack application on your PC then you can install it. The BlueStack is simple to use. You can also use an Android phone as a trail before BlueStack. Below are the steps to install the Google Play Store for PC.

Just double-click on the Right click -> Run on the BlueStack file.

As the extracting is over you can see a window that welcomes to BlueStack just click on next to proceed. Just click on next button after finishing installing process click on finish button. Open the BlueStack App automatically. It provides some start-up tips that disappear when you press on Got it. BlueStack has a title bar house tab separately for the apps. The slide bar has many features. For searching anything it provides a search option where you can search the apps you want but it will need to complete one-time setup that contains Enable App Store, Setup BlueStack Account and Enable App Sync. Press on continue button. Now its time to sign in to the Google account by providing the email id and password. Press on OK button to accept the team and condition. On the next page click on the symbol which is same to the play symbol in the player that moves you to the next page of the installation. Just Enable App Store is completed now. Now click on the account you are signed in for completion of the step. Next sign in to complete the third party setup.

Now you can use the google play store For PC. Press Ctrl+ Right Click then it expand the left bar that shows the various categories like movies, Books, apps, wishlist etc.

Finally, we hope that the article has explained you clearly about the Google play store for PC. Start enjoying the most apps of Android on PC using the BlueStack App Player. If you have any queries let us know in comment section.



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