Google Play Store Not Working?

Google Play Store Not Working: Everyone has experienced a problem with Google Play Store that Google Play Store is not working? You can see this warning message when you are downloading any application the store may crashes or simply won’t open, for that problem we had a solution. If your google play store isn’t Working fine follow the below given steps.

There are some factors that may affect the Google Play store, to solve this problem we will run through the method of troubleshooting and some solutions.

  • Troubleshooting Guide getting started:

Make sure that the problem is on your border and not a universal problem with Google. First, check the play store status on a service for example downdetector. If so many users have the same problem then an error will be with Google side for that you need to wait up to they fix the problem.

If you presume that the problem is on user side then the user needs to restart their phone. This is simple to see but it is a fast solution for many problems. If you didn’t get any result then it is time to work on it. There are two things that you need to check on your device those are your device date and time and your device internet connection is working perfectly or not.

  • Check Google Apps:

If The Google Play store is pessimistic then close it immediately by opening your phone settings > Apps> Select the Google Play Store and tap on Force stop. Make sure that Google Play store is up to date and clean that means you are using the latest version of Google Play Store. If you did not solve your problem by updating the latest version then you need to clean the Google Play Store cache, if this solution also doesn’t work then go further just clean your Play Store data.

After cleaning the play store data if you still suffering from the same issue then we need to do something deeper that restarts your Google account on your phone.

  • Check Third-Party Apps:

if you think that the error is with Google Play Store, sometimes the problem can originate from the various parallel application that can be interloping with the Play Store. So check your disabled applications and make sure you enable Download Manager and disable your VPN.

The extreme solution for the Google Play Store Not Working?

Here we are solving the problem by technical solutions which should be solved with much care, So try the above methods first, if those method does not work then go with these extreme solutions. If your device is rooted then we strongly recommend you to remove the file host.txt in your phone system directory.

Finally, try to perform the factory data reset on your device that will delete all your phone data so it is better to back up your phone before you reset.

  • Check your date and time settings:

The Google Play Store does not find the present date and time then you may affect some problems. For this, you need to open your device settings open the system option and you can see the date and time just tap on Automatic date and time provided by your network.

If your phone allows the Automatic date and time still you didn’t solve the problem then you need to set the date and time manually, first off the automatic date and time and enter the date and time. If you didn’t get the result then don’t worry there are some more solutions.

  • Check your Internet connection:

By checking your internet connection then your problem may solve 95%. Sometimes this error may occur by the poor network connection so try to change the network connection. Are you can reset the router that may help to solve the problem.

We suggest you try the methods at first if your problem is not solved then go with above solutions. Then the solutions surely solve the Google Play Store Not working? problem. If you still get any problem then let us know in comment section.


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