What Is Health Insurance? and Why It’s Beneficial?


So, let’s start with knowing what actually health insurance is?

So basically it’s a policy that provides you funds when you are being hospitalized, in simple words it’s providing the expenses of your medical fees.

Now you may wonder why I need this in my life? I’m pretty sure I’m not getting any severe illness or getting into an accident for sure. They will just earn by taking my money every month, and I will get paid for a small disease that’s it.

No matter how you see it they make a profit, and I say hold that thought that’s why we are here to tell you the benefits of taking health insurance. But before that, let’s make sure you know the stats of you going to a hospital and having a car accident and dying. I know it sounds brutal, but you won’t believe it unless I show you your chances.

Let’s say you are from India. And you woke up, had your breakfast, got ready for your job. You start your vehicle and left home, and while going to your office, you got in an accident and boom! Suddenly you got hurt and got seriously injured, and the ambulance came, took you to the hospital. They somehow got touched with your family member came and saw that the doctor said, please submit Rs 30,000. In the reception, we need to take him to the ICU and do some scans. Your family member has only 10k in his/her account he called arranged the money. And after that, you get some serious issues that make you stay in ICU for a long time. The expenses keep going high, and you are a person who works for a private job of 25k a month and you already giving installment of your car and house.

Now how you will pay for the hospital? And if you think it will never happen, let’s check the stats. According to a survey of a doctor sees 19 patients every day. An average of 100 or more a week, in 2015 a total of 150,000 were killed, and about 500,000 people were injured in a road accident in India so you can think now.

So now let’s talk about benefits from health insurance.

The insurance company pays your bills and expenses of medical treatment, ambulance your stay in the hospital, and other expenses as well.

By getting insurance, the company saves you from taxes the amount paid on insurance can save you Rs 25,000-30,000 while paying taxes.

Insurance company helps you from paying any cash as if you go to the network hospital given by the insurance company you don’t have to pay just fill a form and that’s it the amount will be settled with the company and the hospital.

Health insurance company help you also cover life-threatening illness like kidney failure, heart transplant, cancer and other which cost a fortune to get them treated in a good hospital, now you know the benefits of having health insurance.

Updated: September 27, 2019 — 2:56 am

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