Apps Like Play Store: Playstore Alternatives

Everyone has one difficult question posed after completing an outstanding Android application that which application store will generate the most money? The most develope vote for the Google Play Store. It is one of the most popular play stores. Today let us see some best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

Apps Like Google Play Store:


This store is matched to the social network. It has millions of users and the users can comment and share the installed applications. The app publishing is free and the wide users have been a great result.

The Advantage of the mobile9 Play store as the huge download rate with low developers.

  • Blackmart Alpha:

This store is for those you prefer the privacy-conscious. For this store, you do not require any Google account. It offers only free applications. But is offer only the latest versions of applications.p to your phone/tablet even if the device isn’t on the list of supported models. This is a huge difference for the owners of all less-popular models and devices that are not officially supported by an app developer but that run the app without any problems.

  • 1Mobile Market:

This is one of the different approaches to producing the successful application is focusing only on the reputation of the application. 1Mobile Market is the only application which contains only free apps in it.

This marketplace does not cost anything to upload the apps. Each application should pass through the selection of the process to check for the harmful apps and keep a high quality of the 1Mobile Market applications.

Advantages of 1Mobile Market: Here the application becomes successful quickly. It contains 100 million installs and hundreds of applications in it. This is the best store to get the apps free.

  • Samsung Galaxy Apps:

The most Android phone is from the Samsung brands so they developed Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

An advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Apps are the Samsung phones have the app store already installed on it.

  • Opera Mobile Store:

It has access to almost the Russians applications with a direct link with the Yandex. This store has 100 million users in the single month and there are over a million downloads in a day.

An Advantages of the Opera Mobile store is to get access to the large users and it is completely free. It takes 30% of sales.

  • Soc.io Mall:

This is encompassing marketplace the users are the ebook, games, and apps. This play store will develop music, audiobooks, and videos also. One of the worried approaches is that completion of the application customer.

An Advantage of the Soc.io Mall is to upload the application is free and also it offers 20% fee for the sale.

  • F-droid:

It is one of the best alternatives to the open source. The total source is run by the aides and relies on endowments. It contains only free applications and has a system of not promoting apps that include paid add-ons.

The advantage of the F-droid is it is a strong customer based store. And it is no cost to upload an app to the store it has become one of the popular play stores.

The Choosing the best Play store is a big task. As every play store has its pros and cons. You can find the free and paid app store, and some play stores are very popular and competitive. If you have any queries regarding this article let us know in comment section.


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